Books Donation

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Mon. - Fri.  8:30-12:00, 13:30-17:00
Acquisitions and Cataloging Division
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THU library will not accept the following:

  1. Materials that violate copyright laws.
  2. The content is out of date, has no academic and reference value, is missing pages, and is in bad condition for users.
  3. Duplicates (unless they are copies of items in high demand).
  4. Incomplete set of books (Accept single books that can complement the collection of library).
  5. The content involves violence, pornography, or violation of good customs, and various propaganda brochures.
  6. Individual newspaper clippings, loose pages, or scattered single periodicals or newspapers, etc.
  7. The inside page has line drawing, eyebrow comments, and reporters.
  8. Materials that are not in accordance with our collection development policies.