Books Recommendation

Method 1

  • Readers can request book by obtaining an order list from their departments.

Method 2

  • Readers can also fill in an "Online Book Order Form" on the library catalog. (Periodicals are excluded.)
  1. First, please search library catalog. Second, recommend the book which are not library collection.
  2. This service only for THU students and faculty.
  3. Purchase request volume (each person): 60 books (or DVD) /per semester.
  • How to fill in the "Online Book Order Form"?
  1. Login library catalog and click "Purchase Request"

  1. Click "Purchase Request".
  2. Choose one of the founction and fill the request form. (Fields with * must be filled.) :
    1. net recommend
    2. manual recommend
    3. subject recommend

  1. Submit your recommended information.