Lost and Found

About lost item

  1. If pick up the lost item , please tack it to ciculation desk and tell information about found.
  2. If a lost item includs any identification (ex. ID card), library will contact the owner directly.
  3. If a lost item without any identification, it will be kept by the library and be announced for claim for 6 months. If no one claims it after the expiry date, it will be discarded for disposal.

How to ask for a lost item?

  1. Please tell the characteristic of the lost item.
  2. To claim a lost item, THU-ID card or a valid ID card is required.

Contact information

Mon. - Fri.  8:30-12:00, 13:30-17:00
Circulation Desk, Main Library  ext.28720
Circulation Desk, Management College Library  ext.28780

The lost items list