Service Guide



nterlibrary Loan - National Document Delivery Service(NDDS)


What is NDDS?

To request books/journal article/thesis/... from other libraries via NDDS system.

It is fee-based service.


Who can apply for NDDS?

THU students and faculty.


2022 Academic Year free limits.

THU library provides this service with a budget of NT 54,000 only.

Full-time teacher

Adjunct / Retired / Visiting teacher



No limits

NT 2,000

NT 1,000

NT 500

* Charges for overdue or lost materials will not be covered.

* Staff only for official business will be covered.


How to do?

  1. Create an account on NDDS system. (accout: your residence permit number)
  2. Check the item location.
  3. Fill the request form and sent. (Fields withmust be filled.)
  4. Wait for the request to be processed. (2-7 days)
  5. Receive the pickup e-mail.
    • service time : 08:30-12:00 ; 13:30-17:00(mon.-fri. )
    • service point: Reference desk, Main library(1F)
  6. Return the item ON TIME please.

* If there is any question with NDDS, please contact 04-23590121 #28710 Jimmy Hsieh(reference librarian)



nterlibrary Loan (ILL) between University Libraries Located in Central Taiwan

The cooperation library system includes 25 university libraries.


Who can apply for ILL qualification?

THU students and faculty.


How to do?

Step1 [Create system account]

  1. Create an account on ILL system. (accout: your e-mail address)
  2. Receive the e-mail and log in the ILL system.

Step2 [Apply for ILL reader qualification]

  1. Click the icon「申請讀者」, then fill the request form and sent.
  2. Wait for the request to be processed by THU librarian.
  3. Receive the e-mail.

Step3 [Apply for digital library card]

  1. Click the icon「跨校借書申請」, then choose one(or more) library that you want to go to read or borrow books and sent the request.
  2. Wait for the request to be processed by the cooperating library.
  3. Receive the e-mail.

Step4 [Go to the ILL library with digital library card]

  1. Show the digital library card to the library.
  2. Digital library card: log in the ILL system and click the icon「跨校借書證」.


Circulation Policy

  1. Borrowing Volume: 5 books may be borrowed.
  2. Borrowing Period: 30 days.
  3. No renew or reserve.
  4. Return the item ON TIME.


* If there is any question with ILL, please contact 04-23590121 #28711